Beautiful moments are hidden between the "No! Don't climb that!" and the "Stop hitting your brother!". They are there. You know they are. But sometimes it's just so hard to see the forest from the trees. I see you. I get you. 

Don't wait to find the perfect time when life is easy, don't wait to get your perfect outfits. DOCUMENT IT ALL. NOW. 

Life is too short to put off pictures with you in front of the camera. Let me help you get memories in your picture frames and joy in your hearts quickly and with great care..

and i love my circus so much, i want to celebrate yours, too.

life is hard, but oh so beautiful

I'M anna! Photographer and all around ring leader.

hey, hey!

​I'm Anna St. Blanc, photographer and calligrapher at St. Blanc Creative. I'm a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and a transplant to St. Mary Parish. I live on the banks of the Bayou Teche with my husband, 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, a cat, a horse and a donkey named Sugar.

It's a regular circus. 

Growing up, I was always a fan of decorating with letters. As social media grew, so did my curiosity for calligraphy. One whim of a dip pen purchase led me to modern calligraphy and I haven't looked back.

I found that once my brides started becoming wives, I started serving them in other ways. Documenting your life is truly the coolest thing I've been asked to do. Taking pictures that will freeze frame your current season of kids, dogs and crazy circuses of your own GIVES ME LIFE. So much life.

Let's capture your memories together, ok? I can't wait.