When I picked up a pointed pen, there was no one I knew for me to use as a resource. Sure, there were plenty insta-friends and youtube-ers, but I longed for that deep personal connection.


I don't claim to be the best calligrapher in this world, but I do know this - we learn better from one human to another.

Join me in an upcoming workshop and let's get your love of calligraphy flourishing.

intro to modern calligraphy workshops
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first off, you get to hang out with me. for three hours.

what do you get?

We will cover a comprehensive base  knowledge portion to start, including vocabulary, tools and proper forms.

You will receive EVERYTHING you need to get yourself started...nibs, holder, ink, paper and guides! You won't need to bring anything with you!

You will get individualized attention and help with pain points and questions. I hate leaving a problem unsolved!

After the class, you'll receive the workshop documents as well as a few tips and tricks for solo practice sent to your inbox...so you can #CALLIGRALLDAYLONG!

There may or may not be wine. Did I mention that?

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what students are saying

"Anna is such a fantastic and energetic teacher, and I really enjoyed her class. She gives you background knowledge on all of the tools and sprinkles little nuggets of wisdom throughout the class...I can't wait to take another!"

emma a., baton rouge

"Anna did a great job of describing the basics of calligraphy, her visual aids were most helpful as examples, and she kept it fun and stress-free! She took time to walk around and help each person and gave inside tips and tricks that I needed!"

stephanie h., workshop

email me, friend!!! I'm all ears
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